We now offer our awesome Learn to Lift class (in person) at 5 Star Fitness, Wetherby on Saturday mornings. We also have Fitness Yoga (online) on Saturday mornings to help keep you flexible, strong and chilled out. Extremely important under the current climate.

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Our Learn to Lift group training class suits all ages and abilities. There is one promise we make at The Strength Unit gym in Wetherby: You will be pushed to your limits and we will help you reach your goals! Group training can be a great way to keep your motivation high. Training with other people who have similar goals can really help you to push yourself and get results. If you’re not sure which fitness classes might be right for you, get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

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Or download PTminder app and where it says “Trainer” add in thestrengthunit

08.35-09.35 – Learn to Lift at 5 Star Fitness, Wetherby

09.45-10.25 – Fitness Yoga Online