Ali Winter is the founder of The Strength Unit – an awesome and different functional fitness facility in the West Yorkshire town of Wetherby.

Having enjoyed exercise all her adult life, she understands the benefits and importance of being “fit and healthy”.

As a child Ali struggled with her weight and was almost as wide as she was tall. So she IS proof that your body can positively change if you are prepared to work at it!  At age 16 Ali joined a local gym where she did a box fit class twice a week and also an overall body workout using cardio and resistance machines.  Ali also started swimming once a week.  Although the weight loss was slow, it did come off.  She tried to eat healthily, but being a teenager, it wasn’t always fun!

Her weight issues crept up again during her pregnancy, where her love of Cadbury’s Boost bars and McCoy’s Salt & Vinegar crisps meant she piled on around four and a half stone, despite never having a craving!  However, with perseverance, determination and a LOT of hard work Ali got back into shape and is now in the best shape she’s being in.

Ali has completed several half marathons, 10 mile road and off-road races, 10K road races and also sprint triathlons.  In 2014 Ali started “bodybuilding” and competed in two NABBA competitions in the “athletic” and “toned” figure categories. She has since decided not to compete again in this sport as she is concentrating on living a little bit more and trying new things like climbing, yoga and having a cake once in a while.

She loves being outdoors – cycling, walking, or just feeling the wind, rain and sun on her face – but she also enjoys nothing more than a good sweaty workout in the gym pushing herself harder each time.  It’s all about mind over matter.  The human body is truly an amazing thing, if you let it!

Helping people lead a healthy and active lifestyle is what Ali does best and she absolutely LOVES the results that her clients get and the buzz they feel after their sessions.

Her love of the outdoors brought about her starting an outdoor circuit class in Wetherby on Saturday morning. She is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist and is on hand for existing and new clients to ease out any niggles. The addition of her Freestyle Fitness Yoga teaching qualification further compliments the other sessions on offer at The Strength Unit.