Josh’s fitness journey started in 2014, at twenty years old and climbing towards twenty stone.

Josh was very active as a child, doing 4-5 days a week of tae-kwon-do until rugby came into his life. He began playing rugby 4 times a week and swimming once a week. This is when the tae-kwon-do fizzled out with him having no time.

He started getting bigger after the intense martial arts stopped. He played both rugby league and union, he had aspirations of playing at a high level in rugby union but his fitness levels had reduced and he didn’t have any understanding of how to get himself in the right shape to progress. This was followed by a broken leg at 15 which put an end to rugby.

The weight began to pile on as he was unable to exercise for a while and by 20 he was sitting at 19 stone! He made the decision that enough was enough, he joined the local gym and learned as much as possible. He was training twice a day, one weight session and one cardio, 7 days a week and eating very little, the weight fell off but he quickly realised he wasn’t doing things in a healthy or sustainable way. At his lowest weight he was 13.5 stone. He then embarked on a muscle building journey,  one that continues today. His training now consists of heavy weight lifting, functional training and some cardio, to ensure that he remains injury free whilst getting stronger and moving better.

It was after this that he decided to put his passion of fitness into a qualification and he qualified as a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer.

With Josh’s drive and passion to share his knowledge (and mistakes) with people, it enables him to help them get fitter, healthier and happier. He strive’s to keep on top of the latest research driven methods as well as understanding well proven methods that have stood the test of time in order to deliver results.