Learn to Lift – Learn different types of lifts in this fantastic class.

Fitness Yoga (online) – Fitness Yoga is a great class for all abilities – it incorporates yoga moves without the chimes, chanting or heavy breathing BUT it WILL get you STRONGER, more FLEXIBLE and you will MOVE easier.




We firmly believe that the best way to manage your life is to set yourself achievable goals along the way.  This is applicable to fitness and training too, which is why we define a clear strategy and have milestones for us to reach together.

We offer private (1-2-1) or semi-private (2-4 people) online coaching sessions to get you feeling and working at your best.

We offer a FREE online Health and Lifestyle Consultation that includes a health and lifestyle analysis.

We use the consultation to understand and develop a customised training programme for each of our clients, tailored toward his/her wishes, allowing the client to reach their stated goals in a reasonable time frame.


There are many ways to shed some excess pounds, but usually just a little bit of jogging won’t do the trick.  Your customised programme will focus not only on achieving your desired weight loss, but also in maintaining it long-term.

If the body does not have an optimal level of flexibility, there is an increased risk for pain and injury.  A structured stretching routine will assist your body increase its strength and mobility.  Better flexibility will lead to better results, whilst also helping you feel relaxed.

Together, we can improve your physical shape.  We train your body and use small steps to get you into the best shape of your life.  This programme is ideal for extreme sports athletes and runners training for longer runs.

The core muscles protect and support the lower back and make the entire body strong. Therefore a strong core is vital in gaining strength elsewhere in the body and also in the prevention of injury. Core training is especially important after child birth, where the demands on pregnancy can take its toll on the female body.

Strength training is important for everyone, it doesn’t mean that you are going to “get massive”, but it is a key component in all exercise programmes.  Strength training has shown to not only improve strength, increase metabolism, reduce body fat, strengthen bones, but also decreases blood pressure, improve posture and slow down the body’s aging process.

Functional movements into your exercise routing is one of the most productive changes you can make for better overall fitness and good health. It aims to target more than one body part with each movement of exercise. It increases core stability, increases endurance, gives you better balance and coordination and increases joint range of movement.